Perry Gladstone

Author, Speaker, Advisor, Musician

Hell Yes! Holy Crap! A-ha!

This is what a breakthrough sounds like. Would you like one?

Connected with Perry Gladstone today- Blew my mind! He had me summed up in about 5 minutes and then offered me a gift in one sentence… I will need some serious meditation to calm my brain tonight! Thanks! Mike Herzog, Co-founder, Good Guys Tri

Breaking through what’s holding you back is true freedom. It’s also a fantastic challenge because freedom is a choice that must be made and exercised. My job is to help you see that choice so you can make it happen.

My clients are leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, rock stars and adventurous people who are ready for change and want more for themselves and those they love. We dig into their work, their passions and the responsibilities that pull them in multiple directions.

I connect the dots between their greatest strengths and opportunities, call out their distractions and plug them into an incredible, confidential support network of equally talented high-achievers. Together we find the language to articulate a new vision for the day, month, year or life and create a plan to make it happen.

To me freedom means living the kind of life I want today and not waiting for the promise of tomorrow. Friends say I’m living the dream. I say I choose it.

If you’re ready to choose your freedom I am ready to help.

Let’s do it!

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All too often I meet people with exceptional talent, purpose and influence who are inundated, off track or being pulled in too many directions. People who have built fantastic businesses, created amazing things and made dreams come true for other people while they neglect their own. It’s a common problem amongst leaders and one I know well.

I have reinvented myself many times in order to live my dream. Today I live and work from a beautiful houseboat on Toronto Island and winter home in Costa Rica. I write, speak, surf, swim and play in the ocean. I sing and play in two bands (one in each country), make records and coach amazing people all over the world. It’s pretty rad.

Perry is a veritable one-man advisory board and an invaluable asset to anyone serious about success. Fidel Reijerse, President, RESCo Energy Inc.

Don’t be afraid to re-invent yourself

I started my career as an entrepreneur at the age of six, selling comic books at the flea market. My true passion however was skateboarding and at 15, I founded my first retail skateboard store. Two years later I began manufacturing boards and selling them internationally. Skateboarding was all I cared about (so I told my first girlfriend) and for ten exciting years it was my identity.

My next venture was also something I loved and I grew it into millions. When I sold Limited Snowboards Inc. at the age of 29, we were the largest Canadian snowboard brand world-wide and I was on top of the world. Two years later I had nothing to my name. My business, wife, house, car, lots of money- all were gone and perhaps worse, so were my bearings.

How could the things I loved and knew so well leave me high and dry? Short answer, I had isolated myself. I knew so much about my industry, my people, the places and the products I that I stopped paying attention to what I didn’t know and eventually I made the wrong decisions.

I didn’t start out like that. At first my passion for skateboarding and snowboarding drove me to learn everything. I inhaled the culture, media, stories and gossip. I went to every trade show, met my heroes and found mentors. At the peak of snowboarding I was a director of the largest on-snow trade association in the world. I wrote articles on the state of the industry. And I grew.

I became totally immersed and successful. People came to me for answers. I stopped seeking feedback. I didn’t ask for help. All leaders lose perspective sooner or later, which inevitably leads to failure.

My story doesn’t end here. Over the next ten years I built eight more companies across several different industries, continually reinventing myself along the way. I was a film Producer and Director, President of a television network, a Freediving record holder then International Judge and the Founder and President of a boutique ad agency and yet, in spite of all this experience and many successes, at the age of 40 I once again found myself on the precipice of a serious downfall.

There was no way I was going to let myself fall down again. I had to know what led me back to this place. Looking back I realized it had been a decade since I had a real mentor or been part of an inner circle of leaders. I had isolated myself in the knowledge that I was good at making things happen and as a result I had been making poor choices. This was wasn’t just ego. It was a belief pattern and way of operating in the world that wasn’t working anymore.

To help myself I reached out to leaders I admired. People I looked up to. I asked them to join me in a Mastermind group, a confidential place to ask each other for feedback and share resources. It changed my life and it will change yours too.

This is what I do now:

Point out your blind spots and your best opportunities. Help you see things you don’t see and connect you to a life-changing network of support and resources.

My mission is to set you free from the beliefs holding you back and provide the perspective you need to combat isolation and the bad decisions that come with it.

I’m offering you four of the most important things you can get (persistence and determination are up to you):

- To call out and break down the beliefs and constructs holding you back.

- To help you articulate and communicate a new vision for you and your work.