Perry Gladstone

Author, Speaker, Advisor, Musician

I help Leaders find their Freedom.

By breaking down the barriers and beliefs that hold you back, we tap into the mojo behind your achievements and success so you can apply it to any and all parts of your life.

New vision, drive and direction are the result as we cut through the crap
and release your unlimited potential.

Are you ready for the Aha! moment you’ve been waiting for, to leave behind your old story and start living the one you want?

If the answer is Hell YES! then read on my friend….

You’ve done a lot, built a business, a career maybe a family. Things are good on paper. So, why do you feel something is missing?

I know that feeling! It’s like you’re so close and yet, not quite there. You think, “How much longer is this gonna take!!? For fark’s sake I’m ready for more already!”

Well, guess what? I know how to take you from ‘good enough’ to GREAT.

How do I know? I’ve done the work and learned the tools that tap me into my greatest potential, which just happens to be the ability to see yours and help you understand how to activate it. It’s pretty damn cool actually.

It’s time to do the thing you’re actually here for. The work you are meant to do; your true purpose; what lights you up; the thing you can’t stop doing!

What’s that? You say you’re already happy? OK, but you’re still reading aren’t you?

For most of us high-achievers, Happy is hard to sustain. Commitments and responsibilities inevitably get in the way. What we don’t know is that true happiness comes from knowing your real purpose and applying it to all aspects of your life. This is what creates everything you want: fulfillment; joy; stability; abundance; the life you really want.

Perry is living the dream. He’s my hero. Al Gladstone, Perry’s Dad.

Perry gets it. He made me feel better about owning who I am and what I have to offer the world. Perry’s help was exciting, meaningful, and brought me to tears. Thank you for your time and help Perry!! You rock!!! Lauren Adelson, Luxe Yoga Life

This isn’t easy work. I will challenge you on your beliefs and values and how you go through the world. We will dig into WHY you do what you do again and again.

For many people this is tough. It can be uncomfortable and even frustrating. The reward however is more than great- it’s actual greatness.

Please read that last part one more time.

Now, I’ll ask again. Are you ready?

If your answer is yes let’s talk.

Stuff you should know:

I only work with a small number of high-achievers like you so it has to be a fit for both of us.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a program, video series or online course. This is personal engagement at the highest level.

A real relationship with a real-life Freedom Fighter who gets it, get’s you and want’s to help!

My rates are posted here.

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