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I Help Leaders Make Great Choices

One of my favorite clients describes me as their magic compass. I offer them perspective when they are unsure, direction when distracted, help them plot a course when they have somewhere to go and remind them of their true north when they are lost.

All too often I meet people with exceptional talent, purpose and influence who are inundated, off track, being pulled in too many directions or unhappy with the results they are achieving. Leaders who build fantastic businesses, create amazing things and build dreams for other people while they neglect their own.

It’s a common problem. The more successful you are the more you become isolated. The more caught up in work you become the less perspective you have. The more you feel responsible for other people the less you serve yourself.

That ends now.

It’s time to see your blind spots and gain essential perspective.
It’s time to hone in on, articulate and communicate your vision.
It’s time to harness key resources and create vehicles to help you make it happen.

I’m talking about timely advice, big-picture vision, unprecedented support and critical insight from someone who gets it, gets you and sees past all the hype and distraction.

It works like crazy.

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Perry is a veritable one-man advisory board and an invaluable asset to anyone serious about success. Fidel Reijerse, President, RESCo Energy Inc.

People often tell me I’m living the dream. I live and work from a beautiful houseboat on Toronto Island and spent my winters in Costa Rica where I write, surf, swim and play in the ocean. I sing in a band, make records and work with amazing leaders all over the world. Sure it’s a dream. But this dream is a conscious choice and one I have to re-create for myself on a daily basis.

I started my career as an entrepreneur selling comic books at the age of six and founded my first company at 15. It was all about what I loved, skateboarding, and after ten successful, exciting years it failed grandly.

My next business was also something I loved and grew it into millions. When we sold Limited Snowboards Inc. in 1998 we were the largest Canadian snowboard brand world-wide. A year later I had nothing. Wife, house, car, money- all gone. And perhaps worse, so were my bearings.

How could doing things I loved and did so well leave me high and dry, twice? Short answer, I knew too much. About the sports, the places, the people and the products. At the peak of snowboarding I was an elected director to the biggest on-snow trade association in the world. I wrote articles on the state of the industry. I knew so much that I stopped looking for what I didn’t know and eventually I made the wrong decisions.

At first my passion drove me to learn everything. I inhaled the culture, media, stories and gossip. I went to every trade show, met my heroes and found mentors. And I grew.

I became totally immersed and successful. People came to me for answers. I stopped seeking feedback. I didn’t ask for help. All leaders lose perspective sooner or later.

My story doesn’t end here. Over the next ten years I built eight more companies and, in spite of many successes across numerous industries, once again found myself on the precipice of yet another serious downfall. Full stop.

Losing everything for a third time is no charm. I had to know what led me back to this place. Looking back I realized it had been over a decade since I had a real mentor or been part of an inner circle of leaders. I had isolated myself in the knowledge that I was good at making things happen.

This was wasn’t just ego. It was a belief pattern and way of operating in the world and, because it got me to where I was, I couldn’t let go of it.

To help myself I reached out to leaders I admired. People I looked up to. I asked them to join me in a Mastermind group, a confidential place to ask each other for feedback and share resources. It changed my life.

I have proven that I know how to create opportunity and now I know how we lose it.
I want to make sure that does not happen to you.

This is what I do now: Point out your blind spots and your best opportunities. Help you see things you don’t see and connect you to a life-changing network of support and resources. My mission is to give you the perspective that you lose as a leader. To combat the isolation success creates and the bad decisions that come with it.

Thank you, Perry, for the great advice and guidance today. Your suggestions were absolutely brilliant. Milan Jelaca, President, Deltasco Solutions Inc.

I’m offering you the three most important things you can get, which will save you everything: The opportunity to see your blind spots and break the habit of believing that your prior experiences are sufficient knowledge. To give you the perspective, feedback, mentorship and advice you need to make better choices and keep pushing forward. To help you articulate and communicate your vision, which will save invaluable time and enormous amounts of money by avoiding costly distractions and mistakes.

Apply to work with me and join my Mastermind group for influential leaders. I’ll give you the perspective you need when you need it and introduce you to an inner circle of talented new peers and leaders like you for unprecedented support and amazing resources.

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Learn more about how we can work together here. I offer both regular and one-off private sessions to address your immediate problems and concerns. When you are ready for more, I’ll help you re-imagine your life in business and plot out the map to get you where you really want to be starting now.

I do these things for me and it works like crazy. Let’s do it for you too.

Please note: This offer is only for people who:

Are the leader or a key decision maker in their work life
Have their personal shit together (this is my life coach, tell her I sent you)
Are not afraid to change
Can handle candid feedback and constructive criticism
Are prepared to offer the same

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