Perry Gladstone

Author, Speaker, Advisor, Musician

Insight and Inspiration!

A dynamic speaker and trusted advisor, Perry Gladstone gives leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and up-and-comers the tools and motivation they need to take their business to the next level.

“Your presentation in Canada was awesome. You definitely gave me some things to bring back home and implement.”
Danielle Marzella Grillo, Transitions Hair Solutions

Keynote Topics, Seminars and Workshops

Become a Marketing Genius- Create Vehicles that drive your business forward
– Learn how to create the context for engagement
– Generate incredible word of mouth
– Inspire people to participate in your offer or initiative
60-90 minutes including Q&A: Available in-person or via Tele-seminar

Jump Start your Life in Business!- How to find your best opportunities for success
– Discover your key areas of engagement
– Determine which are opportunities and which are distractions
– Build your roadmap to the future
60-90 minutes including Q&A: Available in-person or via Tele-seminar

Open Hearts and Win Minds- Become the go-to guru in your world
– How to earn the trust of your clients and colleagues
– Create the context for engagement
– Show how you create value for your customers and people like them
60-90 minutes including Q&A: Available in-person or via Tele-seminar

Amazing Stories

Perry’s exciting adventures in business range from the sublime (swimming with Manta rays) to the impressive (creating Canada’s largest snowboard brand world-wide) to the insane (setting a national record for breath-holding). His inspiring and educational tales include unique insights from meeting world leaders, directing rock stars, challenging business leaders and performing his own music for tens of thousands of fans all over the world.

A successful entrepreneur since the age of fifteen, passion has guided Perry along a compelling career that spans Europe, Asia and the Americas with accomplishments as an entrepreneur, businessman, producer, director, musician and speaker. He has founded and operated ten businesses in the action sports, media, entertainment and advertising industries, including; Limited Snowboards, Vehicle Magazine, and Brand & Tonic Inc.

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Speaking topics: Inspiration, Strategy & Sustainable Growth, Marketing