Boat Sweet Home/ She’s So Heavy

Feels great to be back on the boat after zigzagging our way across Germany and The Netherlands for the last two weeks. In spite of all the planning its seems like these tours always end up doubling back on themselves. We saw more countryside than the Jolly Green Giant.

Thankfully the label provides us a tour manager and driver so all of us were able to maintain a semi-comatose state for much of the travel, only breaking out of our trance for roadside curry-wurst, wiessbier and Riesen.

Reflecting on all the great people and good times, I can’t wait until our next visit. Yet shadows lurk. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe caught me totally off-guard. A forest of concrete blocks, a maze of memory and lost legacy. A dozen kids sat on the closest stelea as we parked the van across the street. Their laughter and energy masked the effects so I was waist deep before it hit me. The sheer weight. Crying. Lost. Wishing someone would take my hand. And get me out.

The band was way ahead. I slogged through and trailed behind until the tears stopped. On to Checkpoint Charlie. Surrounded by Souvenirs, Starbucks and McDonald’s.

The sun is shining. The lake gently rocks me to sleep. I am most grateful. And I intended to make the most of it.