Do Try This At Home

When you live in two places it’s easier to notice your habits. Nutella (first ingredient sugar) is something I would never buy in Toronto but, here in Costa Rica, it’s a comfort food. Here I wake at dawn, nap around 2pm and go to bed soon after dark. At home I’m up around 8 and stay awake ‘till all hours of the night.

Even more revealing however is paying attention to how I react to things. In Toronto a quiet day or two will have me worried about what I am doing with myself while here one day just melts into the next until it’s time to go back to Canada and put the boat in the water.

My theory is that we are both conditioned by our environment and conditioning our environment in such a way that we see ourselves in the way we want. The relationships we cultivate support this by reflecting back the energy we put into them. In other words, we actively project and create the idea of ourselves we want to see.

If I am lonely or sad I often unconsciously behave in such a way so that my friends and family ask what’s wrong. If I am elated I project an energy that solicits a positive response. We do this for any number of reasons. To feel loved, safe, powerful to name just a few. The crazy thing however is it becomes so normal that it becomes hard to see.

I often talk about this with my clients who, immersed in the day to day activities of running their businesses, lose sight of who they are both in and outside that world and who they had hoped to become. It’s for this reason that I prefer to meet them outside their place of business, even better in a whole new world.

Last year I started inviting clients to meet me in Costa Rica during the winter season. Being based here I can offer local knowledge as well as professional advisor and play tour guide when we’re not working. It’s a lot of fun and the results with those who have come are amazing.

Of course it doesn’t have to be Costa Rica. A change in environment is a fantastic way to challenge your status quo and get in touch with what really matters to you. When normal daily distractions are not present you are free to see and hear not only what is around you, but more importantly yourself.

I wonder what these folks have learned about themselves?