Las Nubes

I’ve been meaning to write about my trip to Costa Rica this spring but never seem to find the time. Before I get distracted again I’d at least like to share a link to my dear friends at Las Nubes (The Clouds).

Las Nubes is simply incredible and is a must visit if you are at all interested in off the beaten path travel and sustainable living. Built on a mountainside landscape, Las Nubes consists of a main building, El Ojo (The Eye), six cabinas for guests and an amazing garden and grounds- all of it off the grid. One side of El Ojo looks out over the cordierra while the other down on Playa Matapalo seven kilometers below.

Needless to say its breathtaking and exudes a rejuvenating energy that replenishes while it inspires.

My pal Fidel Reijerse and I dropped in on Filip and Stijn for a short visit in February. The construction was mostly complete minus the bedrooms so we slept out under the stars amongst restless sloths and monkeys. Fortunately I had the benefit of a mosquito net which I rigged up under a ladder straddling my mattress so I got some good fresh air z’s while Fidel oscillated between the pure joy of being in the open and a special kind of insanity induced by the critters that come with it.

Now that the resort is complete however guests can enjoy this amazing place in pure comfort. And then there is the food… Oh my.