¡Qué sorpresa!

What a great surprise! When I decided to come back early from Costa Rica this year I was dreading the March weather that always seems to never let go. How nice to wake up to spring temps this morning.

Even better is the long-term forecast, which bodes well for getting the boat in early. Can’t wait to get back to my floating apartment. Here’s the view from the back deck last summer. It’s no pacific ocean but the peace and quiet living on Toronto Island is a great contrast to life in the jungle.

For one thing I don’t have to tap out my shoes every time I put them on (scorpions). It’s those little things that make the switch so odd. That, and the lack of flora and fauna. On any given day in CR my front or backyard is graced by ants, dogs, chickens, butterflies, bees, cows, hummingbirds, parrots, lizards, children, snakes, spiders, cats, crows, egrets, vultures, cicadas, mantises, grasshoppers, giant grasshoppers, frogs, roadrunners and the occasional monkey.




And then there’s the human traffic… Hey muchacha, get off my wave!