Red and Yellow Kill a Fellow

This little critter was curled up in my friend’s shoe yesterday. It’s the tail end of summer here, hot as hell and just weeks away from rainy season. Prime time for hatching snakes to leave their burrows for higher ground before the inevitable flooding.

Red and yellow kill a fellow. Yellow and black, friend of Jack.
Red touch yellow kill a fellow. Yellow touch black, venom lack.

Red touch yellow kill a fellow, red touch black venom lack. The red and yellow bands have black between them so this is a false coral. He’s harmless but can still scare the poop out of you at first glance.

When you live here you learn to use containers for everything, not leave things on the floor, shake your towels and tap your shoes out. Nevertheless sometimes you just go on instinct. I can walk from the bedroom to the bathroom in the dark and I don’t need the lights on to find the towel. Coincidentally, neither does the little scorpion that was happily nestled up in the it’s folds the other day. Thank goodness for intuition and laziness. Sleepily I reached for the towel, paused, dried my hands on my underwear and went back to bed.

Like me with the towel, my friend hesitated before putting on her shoe. She doesn’t know why, only that she did and because of that saw the snake. No, he wasn’t poisonous but he could have been. The stripes are there to send a signal of potential danger. What fascinates me is how even without seeing them the signal got through.