The Banana Did It

“There was a fire”, he said. My mechanic Heiner and I stood in front of a burnt out Mitsubishi 4×4. The engine compartment was already empty and the body of the car had both fire and smoke damage. The ‘Firestone Destination’ tires however looked OK and I needed some.

When I lived in San Diego I would often see blown out tires on the highway. In fact that was the case in most southern climates I knew. Where the weather is generally good tires are generally bad. Why spend good money when you don’t have to? Of course when it did rain people would slide all over the place but hey, how often does it rain in San Diego?

Here in Costa Rica it rains a lot. Not right now mind you but it will and, when it does, there’s no denying it. The good news as it pertains to my tires however is that I spend the rainy season in Toronto.

I left without the fire-tires. While the treads on mine were quite low, they had no holes or patches and I was leaving soon. I told myself that I’d buy new ones in six months when I came back for the season. That was last March.

My first week back in November a nail punctured one of my rear tires, which the local tire man fixed for $3. In January I swapped the front and back tires to even out the wear. In February the tires took a back seat to radiator repairs and brake work. Yesterday, March 24, I woke up to another flat tire. The tire man pointed out a hole the size of a banana though I doubt that’s what did it.

I’m leaving in five weeks. While away my car sits at the mechanic’s, providing six months shade and dry cover for various insects and amphibians who don’t care much whether the roof over their heads rests on new or old rubber.

Fortunately the tire man had one spare to offer, a worn Firestone Destination with black smudging and some heat damage. I’ll buy new one’s next season.
Firestone in Costa RIca