Until It Don’t Happen

I think when it’s time to go, I think that we always know… but I don’t know what comes next.

That’s a line from the song ‘Until it Don’t Happen’. At the time I wrote it I was contemplating changes in my life I knew I needed to make but had yet to do so. I had been single for a year or more, I desperately wanted to be free of the company I had built up and the ocean was calling, loudly. The desire for change was palpable but my struggle to let go of the identity I had created for myself amongst those things was difficult.

I called my close friend Greg Baller and spoke of my desire to break out of my current constructs. I wanted to travel, play music and have the ocean a more permanent part of my life. Greg said, “Well Perry, you are what you say until it doesn’t happen.” “Yes,” I told him. “I really believe that. That’s a great line. Can I use it?” He laughed and said, “you told me that 10 years ago.”

With the support of friends, family and my invaluable coach Jessica Jenkins, I began to take action. I left Brand & Tonic, started writing and recording and bought the little house in Costa Rica that I had been frequenting for the last 15 years. Most importantly, into all of these things I made room for the kind of change I would need next, whatever that might be.

Things happened and I watched myself become the guy who did them. I transitioned from talker to speaker, musician to performer and expert to advisor. I moved onto a houseboat and began my endless summer.

That was two years ago. Endless summer is still in effect and things are just fine. The last six months at the casita have been a great adventure and with rainy season coming, it’s time to go home. The boat is waiting, the band is ready to rehearse and I can’t wait to trade writing for speaking, my surfboard for a guitar and enjoy my family and friends. Change is good!

Come November I will undoubtedly be ready to switch back, ready for what comes next.