Come out and play

Congrats to everyone involved in the recent launch of  Central Counties’ winter campaign. Amazing work by all to get from concept to market in an incredible two weeks! Special shout out’s to Designer Tony Enns and Pier Shu-Lutman of Interactive Side for kicking ass on both sides of the Atlantic. Learn more about the Central …

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Central Counties

Central Counties

New York has the Hamptons. Montreal has the Eastern Townships. In Toronto everyone knows there’s the City and Up North, but what’s in-between? Recently my team was asked by the local Ontario Regional Tourism Organization to propose an effective way to attract residents of the Greater Toronto Area to the many diverse rural and urban …

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Blast from the past

Did a short interview for a piece on skateboarding in Toronto. Great footage of the local scene and some of what’s been going on since I have been involved.

Summer of Words

At long last I am into my book project, something I have wanted to do for many years. The hard part is deciding which stories to tell and which to leave out, as there are so many… what a challenge! The working title is ‘Adventures in Business’. It’s an autobiography and an inside look at …

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Las Nubes

I’ve been meaning to write about my trip to Costa Rica this spring but never seem to find the time. Before I get distracted again I’d at least like to share a link to my dear friends at Las Nubes (The Clouds). Las Nubes is simply incredible and is a must visit if you are …

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Twenty Songs in Two Days

Its been some time since my last real road trip so the prospect of ten hours in a van with five friends seemed, while possibly entertaining, like a twenty year old been there, done that. How wrong of me. Sometimes there’s something about being that much older that makes things that much better. This past …

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Happy Days Are Here Again

This early start to spring has brought more than just good weather. Everyone I am working with right now has been experiencing a great start to the year. What a feeling! Now if we can just keep the banks from dictating key interest rates…