Business Therapy for High Achievers

Exciting news for high-achievers! The Business Therapy Group is here! The Business Therapy Group is already up and running on LinkedIn. This is a private, invite only forum where go-getters like you and I can ask questions, get feedback, share opinions and get candid advice regarding any questions they might have about their work or …

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Voice Do-Over

With consulting work and music taking up most of my time there is little left over to focus on filmmaking and other media production, which for the most part I really enjoy. Every once in a while however the stars align and I am asked to produce something for a client. Last fall I made …

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Come out and play

Congrats to everyone involved in the recent launch of  Central Counties’ winter campaign. Amazing work by all to get from concept to market in an incredible two weeks! Special shout out’s to Designer Tony Enns and Pier Shu-Lutman of Interactive Side for kicking ass on both sides of the Atlantic. Learn more about the Central …

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Central Counties

Central Counties

New York has the Hamptons. Montreal has the Eastern Townships. In Toronto everyone knows there’s the City and Up North, but what’s in-between? Recently my team was asked by the local Ontario Regional Tourism Organization to propose an effective way to attract residents of the Greater Toronto Area to the many diverse rural and urban …

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