That’s a lot of Juice

Smiling faces, tasty cupcakes, firemen at the ready and a whole lot of juice boxes. Last Sunday I attended the 2nd birthday party of the School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario. While I have been involved as a mentor for several months, it was the first time I met anyone other than my mentee in person. …

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$30,000 Update

WOW! So it’s been one week since I posted my offer to give away $30,000 in free coaching sessions and my inbox is jammed with requests. Over 40 people have booked appointments and by the end of this week I will have delivered close to 30 of them. INSANE! You know what’s even better? Almost …

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Book Myself Silly

I’m giving away $30,000 in 30 days! My whole life has been a great adventure and it’s time for a new one. My goal, as always, is to continually bring freedom and fun into my life and into the lives of my clients. For me that means creating new challenges and experiences. My latest adventure …

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Island Life

It’s funny how many people ask me what it’s like to live on an island referring to my life in Costa Rica- which is, of course, not an island at all- when the one I do live on is in Toronto. I guess that’s counter-intuitive for most who don’t know about it this gem in …

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No More Resolutions

Perry Gladstone. Freedom Fighter. Marketing Hitman. Strategic Advisor: Perry Gladstone helps leaders, artists and athletes break through barriers and create the life and work they truly want. Perry at Pavones, Costa Rica

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t and I’ll tell you why. The first time I left Toronto to visit California I was ecstatic to find myself walking around in shorts & t-shirt and surfing in the middle of winter. More than a reprieve, the dramatic change in my physical environment made me feel …

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Business Therapy for High Achievers

Exciting news for high-achievers! The Business Therapy Group is here! The Business Therapy Group is already up and running on LinkedIn. This is a private, invite only forum where go-getters like you and I can ask questions, get feedback, share opinions and get candid advice regarding any questions they might have about their work or …

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I’m on a uh, make that under, a boat!

I love living on my boat. Docked on Toronto Island, I am surrounded by 230 hectares of car-free park land, tranquil waterways, sandy beaches and a million-dollar view of the city skyline. It’s the perfect complement to my rural Costa Rican winters. I don’t even mind the regular maintenance. In fact, there’s something innately satisfying …

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Blogging for Business

Just did a guest-expert appearance for as panel member on blogging for business. Thanks guys! You can check out the discussion here: Check out their Small Business Accelerator group on for great discussion, articles and posts on small business.