Thinking like Bella

Meet Bella.

Bella is a young ridgeback between one and two years old and one of many dogs up for adoption. She and her sister were the last two I met on Saturday when I dropped by the Veterinary clinic in the nearby town of Uvita de Osa to learn about fostering a dog for the winter.

I have been thinking about this for months but couldn’t make a decision. I wondered if it was fair to the dog to have to readjust when I go back to Toronto for the summer or if I wanted to bring a dog back and forth with me. I wondered if I was up for walks in the rain, having to go home early from events to ‘spring the pooch’ and walk around with plastic bags in my pockets. I questioned the sanity of picking up poo over and over again and why I wanted a dog in the first place.

Unlike most of the dogs, Bella sat back in her kennel either afraid or unwilling to come forward and sniff my hand. It left a strong impression on me. On the drive home I remembered the story my Dad likes to tell about Chuck, the spunky border collie we adopted from from humane society when I was 16 years old.

As Dad tells it, on the day we met her, Chuck was anything but spunky. He says that the place was full of animals all jumping up and down saying, “Pick me!, pick me!” All except Chuck who sat back in her cage looking shabby and miserable. Apparently I wouldn’t consider any other dog. As I remembered the story I realized Bella and I were meant to be together.

I returned the next day to pick her up. Unlike me, Bella did not ask herself a lot of questions about what she was ready for. Unlike me, Bella did not agonize over whether or not I was the one. Instead she sniffed my hand, looked into my eyes and jumped into the back of the truck ready to give it a go.

In the coming weeks and months I vow to think more like Bella. To trust my judgement and move forward rather than remain engaged in endless thought. I speak here about love in particular but also about life in general. I am ready for more and it’s time to let it happen.

Thanks Bella.

For more info about dog adoption in southern Costa Rica contact D.A.W.G.via their Facebook page at: