A Lovely Story

I spent the first 30 years of my life learning to navigate the world and the people in it. My drive and direction came from a desire to be part of a new order and community I looked up to, a place where surfers, skateboarders, designers, musicians and other creative entrepreneurs called the shots.

Piece by piece and place by place I grew and worked my way around and into these circles. I found mentors and champions and built my own story. As I became more established, people began to come to me for direction and the circle began to close. End there and it’s a lovely story.

What I didn’t understand back then was that when we stop learning we stop growing. The more I answered questions for other people the less I asked for help myself. I had proven myself right and capable so many times I believed I either knew what I needed to know or I would figure it out on my own. Over time this ‘on my own’ thing became more and more my reality.

Fred-RioUvitaOver time I became more and more isolated.

For the last 16 years I have been working my way back. The first ten were varied repeats of previous lessons learned. I lost and won as I had before only this time I saw myself making the choices, bearing witness if you will, which is what I needed to take responsibility for my path.

Six years ago I began to teach what I have learned and my world shifted from variations on the past to new experiences that stretched and pulled. I sought out new teachers and, I began to grow again.

Glory be.

This month I start my 47th year with a new commitment to growth with like-minded people. My mission is to help us get past our old stories and create new ones that serve us better. To break away from isolating behavior and free ourselves to experience more joy, happiness and fulfillment. To articulate this process so we have a sense of understanding and control. To help us be our own heroes.

Won’t you join me?