I have a problem. Distraction. My distraction is tricky. It’s sneaky, deceptive and able to shape-shift into any form. It can be an obligation to a friend, a beautiful women or an old story that still hurts to remember. Sometimes my distraction shows up as a brilliant idea that runs off with my imagination. When that happens I have to sit and wait for it wander back, kind of like when my puppy sees a squirrel in the middle of our walk.

Patience is the key of course however I have to admit, as a guy who makes his living helping people see their greatest potential, I get frustrated when I am not engaged with my own.

In his recent TEDx Talk, The $43,000 Question, my pal Daniel Jordi shares three questions he uses to help him stay on track and go after the things he is most afraid of. Turns out they are perfect for breaking free of Distraction as well.

Is this who I am?
Does this feel right, is it aligned with my values?
Does this feel uncomfortable and exciting?

Number 3 is a little tricky as the answer may be yes but without 1 and 2, it’s not at all the right choice.

Thanks for the talk Daniel. Now, what was I doing before I started watching this?