Trading Love for Time

In our goal oriented, how-to obsessed world, the idea of success supersedes all others. Whether we’re talking about our companies, careers or relationships, the focus always seems to be an end goal or return that is greater than what we have now, preferably as soon as possible. Even growth has become a reason unto itself, as we forget that the actual opportunity is to learn, reflect and share, all three of which take their own time.

In this progress for the sake of progress environment our true needs and desires are being constantly compromised. By letting the promise of success direct our actions we miss the chance to glean the experience and knowledge available here and now, which in turn will guide us towards what we really need.

Yes, there are times when haste and or reach is more important. Eradicating disease for example. Otherwise I have to question people’s motives when they tell me more, now is necessary.

More, be it in the form of reach, scale or influence, requires more. A bigger tribe, a bigger budget, bigger turnover. Considering the amount of excess and unnecessary consumption that plagues our society it’s hard not to see the desire to scale as part of this.

Just look how readily we celebrate fame for fame’s sake. By nature attention is fleeting and as a result, we churn through our hero’s and each other like fodder.

Personally I prefer quality over quantity especially when it comes to friends, food, shelter, love and work. Quality time with people is not measured in minutes but rather connection and the opportunity to go deeper, share more and learn more from each other. As for money, I have discovered that once my basic needs are covered a bigger bank account has little to no impact on the satisfaction, safety and security I get from knowing what I have to offer the world and engaging with it.

More poignantly I have learned that I can create the opportunities I want with or without money. Using money as a tool (only one of many) rather than enabler keeps me free from being trapped by it.

This point in particular I think is important as I see far too many people give their power away to the promise of more money to come and, as a result, end up deferring or missing out on the experiences they truly want.

It’s like trading love for time. What good is the latter without the former?