A sponge on her head

This is my niece Anousha. Yes, she has a sponge on her head.

Last November, for her 11th birthday, I took her to the studio to record a song of her choice. She chose Adele’sSomeone Like You‘.

One of the things I love most about hanging out with kids, and especially my nieces, is that they believe they can do anything. So do I. Luckily I never lost that belief, which seems to have been forgotten by so many of us by the time we reach adulthood if not sooner.

Listen to the track here. Sung by an 11 year-old with no singing experience or lessons. Just a belief that she can do whatever she wants! And let it be a reminder to all of us that we can do anything and be whoever we need or want to be.

Big thanks to Mitch Girio for the music, production and engineering. We’ll be back this birthday!