There’s A Reason

It took me 21 years to write this song.

The lyrics represent what happened and how I felt when my first big break fell apart and took just about everything down with it. In the fall of 1990, I signed the legendary pro skateboarder Gator to my burgeoning skateboard company, Fishlips Skateboards.

If you don’t know the story it’s pretty traumatic. Gator had been a hero to many of us so signing him was a big deal, both for business and me personally.

When my wife Tina and I dropped by his condo to sign the papers, Gator answered the door in his underwear. What little furniture he had was pushed onto a small tiled area beside the kitchen. “I just had the carpets steam-cleaned”, he called bounding upstairs to retrieve a bathrobe, “hope you don’t mind sitting on the floor!” A few minutes later Gator, still in his underwear, joined me where I sat on the damp living room carpet. Tina refused to come in.

Three months later Gator turned himself in for the murder of a missing young woman. She had been beaten, raped and strangled. In his house. Most likely the night before Tina and I had been there. He took the police to the location in the desert where he had buried the body.

There’s more to the story but it’s not important. It was the end of someone’s life and the beginning of the end for me in skateboarding. I lost my heart for it and a year later Tina and I left California, returned to Toronto and moved on with our lives. At least she did anyway.