Twenty Songs in Two Days

Its been some time since my last real road trip so the prospect of ten hours in a van with five friends seemed, while possibly entertaining, like a twenty year old been there, done that. How wrong of me.

Sometimes there’s something about being that much older that makes things that much better. This past Thursday the Gladtones and I drove to Montreal for a show with ska/roots/reggae solo artist Chris Murray. After an obligatory stop at Schwartz’s we loaded into the venue and played for an appreciative audience and a great crew of local musicians. This was followed by more great music elsewhere and a trip back up St. Laurent to The Main for more of Montreal’s finest.

Fueled by smoked meat afterburner we made the drive back home next day to play once more with Chris here in T.O. So little sleep and yet so much fun. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.