No Greater Champion

When we commit to the experience and not the result we allow ourselves to be the change we seek rather than some benevolent outside force. This my friends is how we learn to be our own heroes and let me tell you, there is no greater champion you could wish for.

First flight- Dec 23, 2015
First flight- Dec 23, 2015

On the eve of resolutions may you choose this path over others. In doing so you join a legion of heroes making the world a better place from within.

This is me flying for the first time on my 47th birthday. Up until then I was scared to try yet that day there was no fear at all. It’s true there is a time for everything and when it comes you just know.

Here’s what I wrote that day:
Since a teenager I have flown in my dreams. Swooping over landscapes, skirting treetops, I negotiated with gravity to explore my world and reveled in the freedom these visions afforded with me. Today I flew again only this time, for the very first time, I was awake in this dream. Today the walls between reality and fantasy were not simply blurred- they were no longer there.
Grateful to Alex Badilla and Nate Bright for delivering this precious gift.