$30,000 Update

WOW! So it’s been one week since I posted my offer to give away $30,000 in free coaching sessions and my inbox is jammed with requests.

Over 40 people have booked appointments and by the end of this week I will have delivered close to 30 of them.


You know what’s even better? Almost all of them are first-time clients, many of whom are friends of friends. That means I’m expanding my reach and I have you to thank for it.


If the whole adventure ended today it would already be a success. I am truly grateful for all the fantastic conversations I am having, the new referral network I am building and the new clients that decide to come back.

Except it’s not over! I am committed to seeing this through and that means I have more sessions to give away.

If you haven’t booked a coaching session yet please do. If you know someone who will benefit from a session with me send them over while the getting’s good!

WHY should you do it?

To break free of whatever is holding you back.

It can be about your work, your business or your life and even all three. As you probably know, I help all kinds of people all over the world, from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists, CEO’s, rocks stars. Anyone with talent who wants- and is ready- to take things to the next level.

All you have to do is send me a note with a brief overview of what you do, where you are at now, where you hope to end up, and what’s holding you back. A Linked In profile or attached resume is great if you have one. We’ll set a time to Skype or call as soon as possible and off we go!

Good times.

OK, so thats the update (and pitch haha). If you have already booked or sent someone along, thank you again. I really appreciate your support!