Photo by Elana's Pantry via Flickr. Creative Commons License.
Photo by Elana’s Pantry via Flickr. Creative Commons License.
Today marks the beginning of a new year in the Jewish Calendar. Whether you subscribe to that or not it’s a good day to stand up, be counted and be you.

All of us have our own path to take, our own purpose in the world. Following someone, anyone else is not it.

Yes, we will greatly benefit from being inspired and influenced by other people.
Yes, there are many lessons to learn from our peers.
Yes, the greatest gift we can have is relationship but that includes our relationship to ourselves and the world around us.

Why say this now? Because I am reminding myself. To be grateful. To be thankful. And to stand up and be myself today and every day forward so that I may be who I want and inspire other people to do the same.

With Love and Respect,