A Sense of Humor

This universe of ours has the best sense of humor! I believe it is constantly conspiring to give us what we want in the best (read fun) possible way. When we don’t pay attention it moves on to more forceful measures.

As such we attract the things and lessons that reveal our true intention, consciously or unconsciously, so the challenge and opportunity is to pay attention to what comes as the sooner we do the better things are. From there we can adjust accordingly.

What I find most interesting about this is how easily people are convinced that there is no work involved. Intention is a muscle that needs to be used and stretched regularly to be healthy. That means challenging yourself on why you believe what you do, where it comes from and if that actually serves you in a way you truly desire. Of course constant reflection leads to inaction and partial nuttiness so sometimes we just have to act, play, run, sing, be and enjoy where we are in the moment. I try to do a lot of both and, for the most part, stay reasonably balanced that way. Or so it seems haha.