Adviser to the Stars

Ten years ago I received a thank you note from a musician friend. In it she called me ‘Adviser to the Stars’.

The note struck a chord. Yes my ego was stroked but more importantly it reminded me that I have a way of connecting with influential people.

This was a turning point as, until then, I had been engaging too often with people whose energy wasn’t good for me and as a result I was often frustrated and even miserable. ‘To the Stars’ was a reminder that I had to choose my clients more carefully, for both our sakes.

In particular I needed to engage with people who excite me. High-achievers activate my creativity and compel me to come up with better ideas and connections.

It’s been five years since I made this my mandate. Each year has been better than the last. Today I have a whole roster of Star clients, several of whom are bonafide heroes and rock stars but that’s not what makes them a good client or me a good adviser. What does is our mutual passion for making things happen and understanding how we can create positive change in the world.

Even better than this is the fact that I have an incredible support group of coaches, mentors and friends who are equally dedicated to creating the world they believe in. For this I am deeply grateful.

Know what you believe and share that. Good things will happen.