All Good Things Come To An End

All good things come to an end and by doing so, they make room for something else. What we choose to take their place is up to us.

This is the IPGA course. It’s a challenging 18 holes of perfectly imperfect mini-putt where my fellow Islanders and I leave it all on the green every Friday night. IPGAcourseLast week we held the Fall Classic, a two-rounder to finish off the season and I came in second place. Heady times.

As much as I cherish playing a regular round with friends however, I pine for a long swim in the warm pacific ocean that will take it’s place as my weekly ritual.

I’ve waxed poetic about living in Costa Rica many times so I won’t do it here. The point I want to make is: to make room for things we want in our lives sometimes we have to let go of other ideas that have our attention.

It can be hard. In our society we are constantly encouraged to develop emotional dependencies on just about everything. Savvy advertisers tap into our tribal, deep-seated desire to belong and, before we realize it, we can’t get through the day without a branded experience let alone some form of acknowledgement or validation from our loved ones or peers.

Well, I say let it go! When you feel the familiar tug of disappointment or dissatisfaction clear it out by acknowledging something great in your life rather than applying retail therapy. If you are stuck going to an event or function you’d rather miss, listen for a conversation in the room that you can learn or benefit from. When something goes wrong instead of right, consider it a chance to prove your resilience and mettle. If you experience or witness a wrong-doing, congratulate yourself for not being as lost as the perpetrator.

Little reminders like this are a great way to maintain forward momentum, build confidence and foster self-worth. When you get good at it, start doing it everywhere in your life even when it seems impossible. Pretty soon you’ll be happier and whole in ways you never thought possible.