All Thumbs

Considering how much I rely on them, it’s amazing how I take my thumbs for granted.

That shall be no more. At least not for the next few weeks as I recover from the effects of a low-hanging ceiling fan and the heavily weighted hatch on the bow of my boat.

GooseCarpThe good news is I now know how strong my left-hand proximal phalange and right-hand first metacarpal bones are. The bad news is one is cracked and the other bruised. My guitar and motorcycle are getting no love and skinny jeans are definitely out.

Watching a Canada goose and lake carp successfully forage beside my boat today (neither with thumbs of their own), I considered a life that does not require thumbs. The use of most tools would be out the window. Bowling, bicycling and baseball become banal and anything in a jar is probably more hassle than it’s worth.

Like cities built around cars, almost everything we handle assumes our opposable thumbs. The least I can do is appreciate them more.