Ask and Ye shall receive

This week I met with Pier Shu-Lutman over at a favourite lunchtime haunt Sotto Voce, to go over some updates to my website. Until now I have mostly considered it a calling card and landing page for my book FAST & HOT and other pursuits. While it works in that regard, most people find or hire me because of my stories and it will be important to shift the focus to that.

Meantime I have been putting the word out that I am looking for new projects and, lo and behold, received calls from not one but three(!) former clients looking for some help. Even better is that in each of the cases, the help they need is related to recent work I have been doing or researching for myself.

Moveable Online is a leading web strategy, analysis, development, host and e-commerce provider. Over the next few weeks we will be working on devising *vehicles for business development and lead gen.

In addition to Moveable, I will be back at Continental Hair for some operations fine tuning. The third project is still in discussion.

It’s a great reminder the the best opportunities arise when your passions align with those of another and, if you don’t tell them about yours, how can it happen?

* One of the key terms from FAST & HOT, a Vehicle is an initiative that leverages the efforts, interests and networks of your target audience to move your agenda forward.