Boiling Friends

Do you know the story of the boiling frog?

It’s a metaphor for the risks of not noticing gradual change that ends in disaster. The frog gets used to warming water until it boils to death. Even uncomfortable change can be normalized as this compelling video describes about the current situation in Venezuela. Watching it brought tears to my eyes as I recalled similar conversations with my own dear friends there.

Change does not have to be comfortable for it to become normal. Also, disaster has varying degrees. Corporations and governments monopolizing power against people can take many paths. That said they all lead to tragedy.

Unfortunately we all seem to be on one of these paths or another, whether it be our food choices and supply, personal and national debt, climate change (regardless of the cause) or full blown despotism and dictatorship.

Watch the video and think about what you are getting used to. Then start talking to your friends about it, please.