Book Myself Silly

I’m giving away $30,000 in 30 days!

My whole life has been a great adventure and it’s time for a new one.

My goal, as always, is to continually bring freedom and fun into my life and into the lives of my clients. For me that means creating new challenges and experiences.

My latest adventure is a cool one. I am challenging myself to give away $30,000 in one-on-one sessions with me. That means I need to give away 100 free appointments.

Why, you might ask, am I willing to give away so much free time? Because
I want to find 10 perfect clients and I figure the fasted way to do that is to book myself silly, and jumping in with both feet is the kind of challenge I love.

I’m looking for entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes, adventurous professionals, musicians, artists and leaders of any kind, big or small! What matters most is that the person has amazing talent and potential and wants to take things to the next level.

It’s totally free. You can book one too. In fact, I want you to!

Have you ever felt that there was a time to go all in? Like you are on the edge of something great and just need to take one more step? Or maybe you feel like there’s something better for you, something fantastic but you can’t quite see it. I can see it and will show you how to get there. I call it Freedom Fighting because it means you are finally breaking free from the things that have kept you from having the life you want.

One of my specialties is seeing what’s in people’s blind spots. You’d be surprised how many different kinds of people I help, from high-powered CEO types to incredibly talented creative-types, by pointing out what seems obvious to me but has been hindering them for months or even years.
It goes without saying that these issues can cost them a lot of money. Sometimes millions. One conversation with me can turn that around (tooting own horn sound).

The reason I’m good at this is that for the last thirty years I have been starting companies, creating strategies for other people’s companies and traveling the world, all in search of adventure. I have a ton of experience to draw on and helping people regain their freedom is the most fun I can have sitting down. OK, maybe not but it’s close.

If you want to save millions, or just break free from your own pain and suffering then hit me up for one of these free sessions.

Send me an email with a brief overview of what you do, where you are at now, where you hope to end up, and what’s holding you back. A Linked In profile or attached resume is great if you have one. We’ll set a time to Skype as soon as possible and off we go!

Book a call with me now and send this note to whomever you know wants to shake it up and go to the next level.

Join me on this adventure of booking myself silly!