Commitment makes things happen

I’ve had a foot in both worlds for years now and it’s time to commit. Casa Perry is getting a proper makeover and I can put more of my time and energy into being where I love best right now. WooHoo!

Have you noticed how when you finally commit to something suddenly things fall into place? People step up to help, money seems to find its way and earlier concerns become just things to deal with…

My buddies and I would often reflect on how hard it is to meet someone when you’re single and lonely but, as soon as you have a great partner, people come out of the woodwork looking for your attention.

Commitment mobilizes the forces that makes things happen. We are surrounded by these forces all the time but without intention they have no way to manifest. When you make a decision you actually create a new reality- one that gives direction to the forces and all that potentiality kicks into gear.

People are the same. We are attracted to those with passion, people who truly believe in something are terribly interesting to us. That bond is further amplified when we meet people who share our beliefs. “When we are surrounded by people who believe what we believe something remarkable happens…trust emerges.” says Simon Sinek. (If you don’t know Simon’s work do yourself a favour and check him out.)

Trust is everything. All of us will entertain a curiosity for a time but we only give and experience our best when we trust that this moment is one we believe in. Whether we believe its fleeting or forever we need trust to commit.

In pursuing things I am curious about I have found other people who believe what I do: That adventure is good for me. That I am my best when I create adventure for myself and those around me. Although I need to prove it over and again, I trust in this belief and so begins another new chapter.

OK, enough about me. I’d love to hear what you believe in. Throw it down here if you can. Share it with your friends and colleagues. Trust me, it’ll do you good.