Freddy’s Inner Circle

I have a new friend, Freddy.

We met in March at a mechanic’s shop near the beach, where I fell under the all-powerful spell of puppy magic. Since then he has already seen more of the world than his six siblings and parents.

The importance and influence of the people we surround ourselves with can not be understated. Too often we go through life without paying attention to who’s influence we allow ourselves to absorb and end up in places and situations we don’t like.

Yes Freddy’s a dog and so perhaps not the best example. But then again, the amount of patience and discipline I have had to practice with him is no less significant than the new experiences I am introducing him to.

Maybe you don’t have a new puppy but I guarantee you have the same opportunity for growth. Think it over and take a look at who makes up your inner circle. Are you getting enough positive influence and do you know where to find it? If not we should talk.

After five years of professionally advising leaders from all walks of life I am 100% certain that collaboration and peer mentorship with positive, productive people is absolutely essential to sustainable success of any kind.

As a result I’m collaborating more than ever. Sharing ideas and stories with people I admire and look up to in the Freedom Fighter podcast. Exploring what gets in our way with amazing life coach Jessica Jenkins and talking about professional curiosities with change-maker and super-connector, Daniel Jordi.

In the meantime Freddy and I just arrived in Toronto, where we will live on my houseboat for the summer and fall. It’s a chance for me to take advantage of the big city, catch up with friends and family and spend some time in the company of amazing people I don’t see all winter.

Likewise Freddy will be meeting and hanging out with many new (to him) species here on Toronto Island. Pine cones instead of coconuts, ducks instead of parrots and a host of geese, swallows and squirrels are rocking his world.

Freddy gets his sea legs
Freddy gets his sea legs