I Got My Ass Kicked

Are you ready to make things easier for yourself? Let’s figure it out together!

I’m doing a free webinar this Wednesday at 3pm EDT/ 12pm PDT. The topic is how to discover and activate your greatest potential! Presented by Kai Christen, founder of the Lifestyle Design Convention, and Leadership Coach Daniel Jordi, we’ll talk about how to tap into the mojo behind your achievements and success so you can apply it to all parts of your life. Please join us!

There are now 11 episodes of the Freedom Fighter podcast up on iTunes. I hope you have had a listen already and if you know someone who you think would be a great addition to the podcast please let me know!

I have three mastermind groups that never cease to amaze me and need a few new members to round them out. If you would like the benefits of true peer-mentorship and want my perspective and advice hit me back!

Want to connect one-on-one? For the month of April I am reducing the price of personal coaching sessions from $300 to $100! There are limited spots so let me know if you want one asap…

Have another idea you want to talk about? Let me know!