I’m on a uh, make that under, a boat!

I love living on my boat. Docked on Toronto Island, I am surrounded by 230 hectares of car-free park land, tranquil waterways, sandy beaches and a million-dollar view of the city skyline. It’s the perfect complement to my rural Costa Rican winters.

I don’t even mind the regular maintenance. In fact, there’s something innately satisfying about filling the water tanks, firing up the engines for a trip to the pump-out and cleaning off the decks with a power washer. That said, no matter how you slice it, sanding and painting the underside of a 50 footer simply sucks.
After four years in the water I had no choice. Tiny water blisters had penetrated the first layer of paint and the coating of anti-fouling (a preventative of organic growth such as algae and mussels) had worn away completely along the waterline areas. You can see how there is nothing left below the green painter’s tape. So I’m under a mofo boat.

This picture is after twelve hours of sanding and painting on my back. I’m smiling because the toxic dust and paint fumes have given me the equivalent of a lobotomy.

UPDATE-I am happy to report the boat is finally finished and launched! Woo Hoo! As my friend Eric says, “Ladies, my whole house is a waterbed”.