It’s Personal

It’s been quite an adventure the last few weeks!

The free coaching offer sold out lickety-split and as as result, so many amazing discoveries and people have come into my life in such a short time!

Normally I do three or four one-on-one coaching sessions a week. Last week I did 40! Yeah, 40. Sure it was exhausting but it was also incredible. I learned how to show up in a way I never have before, and to hold space for someone in a way I never could before.

Hang on, a mink just stole a baby bird.

OK, the barn swallows alongside my boat are going nuts right now. They build their nests under the docks here in the marina and apparently the minks have finally figured out how to get at them. Fur collar anyone? Haha, minks gotta eat too.

Right, so, speaking of figuring things out, the number of breakthroughs I have witnessed over the last few weeks is simply amazing.

One guy was so stoked he ran out of the room and never came back! Yeah, it makes for an awkward Skype session but I get it. When the dots connect for me I can’t wait to share the idea.

Danielle McNichol wrote this awesome blog post about her session. It blew me away.

Danielle’s story really illustrates how personal this work is. The more high-achievers I work with, the more I see how breaking through personal barriers results in more success overall.

This has always been part of my approach but not a separate offer from the ‘Business coaching’ most people come to me for. I did do a personal Mastermind group test run in June, which worked well however there weren’t enough people to keep it going. Now however I think there is.

With that in mind I have decided to offer it again.

The Personal Development Mastermind will be totally separate from the Professional Development Mastermind groups I currently offer, which are focused on business oriented topics.

Like all of my Mastermind groups however, the new Personal one offers peer-mentorship for high-achievers like you and me who pledge to uphold the promise of trust, respect and confidentiality. You also get my advice and personal input. It’s an incredibly effective way to get the critical perspective, feedback and resources you need in a safe, trustworthy environment.

The format is 90 minutes by conference call every two weeks. The cost is $150/per month.

If you’d like to join either my Personal or Business group please write me back with a Hell Yes! and which you want to join. I’ll send you the info on how to get started!