Jungle Babies, Michelin Stars, and Murderers

After a decade in Costa Rica surfing, paragliding, and advising Central American governments, I’m back in Canada and ready to rock! The plan is to beef up my Executive Coaching practice, do some Michelin Star Consulting, and get a new band together. 53 is the new 20!

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HOW TO GET RID OF A PIANO. Holy shitballs, my kid is four years old, and I feel like 80. Although he was born in the jungle, Adam has taken to Canadian winter like a fish to water.

Adam takes apart a Piano

Gone are lazy beach days, watching him build sandcastles. Now it’s pulling him on the sled and hiking back up the hill for hours. It’s also apparent that he’s smarter than me. Here’s proof: Friends gave us an old piano and told us it couldn’t be tuned anymore (red-flag), but we figured it was good enough to learn on and took it anyway. Now, we can’t get rid of it. Because it’s useless, movers want $450 for disposal, and posting for free has gotten zero responses. So, I decided to take it apart. Have you ever taken apart a vintage piano? The mechanics are impressive, as are the hundreds of pounds of steel and old slot screws that barely keep a screwdriver. And then there are all the strings- loaded up and ready to take out an eye or four. Adam was thrilled to see the many levers and their ‘chain reactions’. Within minutes, he had identified the essential functions and explained how it all worked in detail at dinner that night.

DO YOU KNOW THE GATOR STORY? It’s pretty heavy, terribly sad, and broke me financially though that fact pales compared to the life that was lost. (Read my account here). Well, today, I found out I was close to someone else charged in conjunction with murder. Harry Bogdaan helped mentor me when I took over as President of the Costa Ballena Chamber of Commerce and Tourism in 2016. Don Harry taught me the ropes of political engagement and, like my association with Gator pre-trial, gave me access to movers and shakers I would need to be successful. Completing the trilogy, I also used to be close with a guy that killed his parents, but that’s a story for another time.

THREE-TIME MICHELIN STAR CHEF LUCA MOLTENI slays it in the kitchen. (Ok, that segue sucks but, trust me, when it comes to food he is the shiznit). Executive Chef to Presidents, Billionaires, Sheiks, and Sultans, Chef Luca, has opened over 120 restaurants and hotels in eleven countries and literally wrote the book on the design of taste. I’ve been coaching him for three years now, and this January, we launched a high-end hospitality consulting firm together. The response has been incredible. If you are tapped into the industry and looking for unparalleled expertise, give us a shout!

OH MAN, there’s so much more I want to share, like my close call with Covid, a fifty-year tattoo, and fighting the Mayor… I’ll put it in the next one. Meantime, please join my email list, and reach out to connect anytime!