San Diego

In the early 90’s my girlfriend Tina, Chuck the Dog and I packed up the car and moved to San Diego, California. The idea was to relocate my company, Fishlips Skateboards, from Toronto to the heart of the action sports industry.

We settled into to the beach community of Pacific Beach, two blocks from the ocean. I couldn’t have been happier.

Tina and Chuck however were less satisfied. Without family, friends or work, Tina missed home and Chuck managed to develop the worst case of fleas the local vet had ever seen. Home was a regular topic of conversation and I always insisted on staying. We did leave of course, about a year after the fall of Gator, which more or less took my company down as well. (That story is what the song ‘There’s A Reason is all about).

The verses of the song are vignettes of our time there. The adventure of driving across the country; my stubborn refusal to leave; the surreal reality of living in a world built for automobiles, and finally, succumbing to the ultimate realization that it’s over.

The chorus is straight to the point. In spite of Tina’s requests and concerns I pushed harder until things finally fell apart. I take responsibility for that.