San Francisco or Bust!

I had an amazing session with my coach, Jessica Jenkins the other day. We dug into my big why and M.O. and came to the conclusion that what I do, and what I am, is a Freedom Fighter!

I have always seen the constructs that hold people back and intuitively know how to create an experience to break through them. In other words, I help people find the freedom they need. It’s what I’ve been doing for myself my whole life and pretty much sums up the coaching and mentoring work I do for other people. The really interesting part of it, however, is how things stall for me when I don’t create new experiences for myself. In other words, it was time for an adventure!

A dear friend who recently moved to Marin County (with a stunning view of the East Bay and the Muir woods!) had recently invited me to the Bay Area BuildOn fundraiser and another great friend offered up a flight pass making a quick trip to San Francisco an easy decision.

I had a fantastic week making new contacts and reconnecting with old friends. Commuting by ferry and BART was a fun change from my usual excursions off Toronto Island and the bar aboard the Mariner (on two levels no less), was the perfect place to contemplate why we don’t we have a maximum security prison in the middle of our harbour. (I concluded that the swim is too short).

In between barefoot hikes through the Redwood Forest, foraging in Chinatown and crashing garage parties in The Mission, the common denominator of my trip began to make itself known: Each person that I met be it a client, friend or stranger was going through some kind of major transition in their life. Incredible.

It all came together for me in standing front of the San Francisco Ferry Terminal while I watched a one-armed man play the guitar.

Tattooed and bearded with dark sunglasses, a bandana around his forehead, old jeans and a cut off T-shirt (I’m sure no irony intended), he confidently played by hammering the strings against the fretboard with his left-hand fingers, which is enough to produce a note without strumming or picking. Major loss or not, this guy had overcome the obstacles to doing what he loved and was now making it work for him.

Granted I haven’t lost any limbs but I have transitioned through re-inventing myself at least six times, bounced back from bankruptcy (twice!), recovered from divorce (twice!) and nearly lost my life, (yup, twice). Looking back, the thing that helped me most during those times was a support network of friends and mentors to lean on for support and guidance.

By the time my visit to S.F. was over it was clear to me that I needed to address Transition as part of my offer. The Mastermind groups I create for successful leaders, artists and professionals are amazing for people with established positions and practices. If I am my own example however, these same people also need support in-between their journeys.

My first group for super talented, smart and cool people in transition starts next week. If you are interested or know someone that needs it give me a shout as I have a few spots left. Otherwise I’ll let you know you how it goes!