Settling In

I am happy to report that things are settling down. The casa is open and critter free and I now have a working land-line with ADSL internet(!), which is very exciting. No more going to the bar to get work done…

This is Jorge from ICE, who came to install my land line. We discussed the best way to learn a language (find a local girlfriend) and he tested the line with his rotary dial hand-held.

I have seen the lawyer to check on last year’s paperwork and paid all the outstanding water and electric bills. Now the only thing left to resolve is the car, which is currently in San Isidro getting diagnosed as the mechanico here has only basic tools.

Depending on the repair bill I hope to switch my focus over to the treehouse project next week. As much as I love my casita, the noise of village life (read: Roosters, barking dogs and dirtbikes) makes it hard to sleep so the promise of a little bedroom by the river is very enticing. Worst-case scenario I might hoist the truck up and sleep in that.