Stay Free My Friends

About fifteen years ago a very successful Producer sat me down and told me wildly entertaining and accurate stories about how the film and television industry really worked. He also told me his own story and how, at the end of the day, he was in it for one thing and one thing alone- the buzz he gets when a project gets the green light- the moment when whomever has the power to say yes says yes. “After that” he said, “it’s just getting stuff done”. With that he looked me in the eye and said “What are you in it for?”

I spent the next five years running my own production company and learning the trade from the top down by hiring talented people and studying their roles. With each person I looked for that one thing- what moved them to do their work- and made sure it was attainable to keep them motivated and focused. What I came to realize during that time was that my ‘thing’ was discovering what other people’s thing was and helping them realize it.

In spite of this discovery however my identity was still very much attached to the work, role and industry I was in. I had been the Skateboard guy, the Snowboard guy, the Freedive guy and now I was a Producer and Producer-Director. Cool for sure but the truth was none of these ever described what I actually did or, more importantly why I did them.

It took me another ten years and several other ‘roles’ to finally separate my identity from it’s context. To see the way I go through the world as it’s own role regardless of the situation and how doing so allows me to tap into the mojo that drives all of my achievements and success so I can apply it to other parts of my life.

Today I call myself a Freedom Fighter because it reminds me that my true role is to keep breaking down the constructs that tie me, us, our identities and our mojo to things and ideas that aren’t actually who we are. To set myself and those who want my help, free.

I write this now as a reminder to myself as the temptation of new ideas and requests vie for my attention like a parade of teeny bikinis and shiny pants. It’s OK to look but my path is clear.

Stay free my friends.
Upper Nauyaca Falls, Costa Rica