Summer’s here! (not there, sorry)

Its Feb 17 and summer is here in the Osa.  With 30+ temps by 9am, the swamp-like jungle that was once my backyard is finally dry and flip-flop navigable all the way to the little river that burbles along the back border of my land.

I’ve had a busy month and a half fixing up the property and setting up home in my little casita. With that done I can relax a bit and enjoy the hammock and fruits of my labour, specifically bananas and coconuts (the limon tree didn’t make it).  Here’s a pics of the cottage now that it’s done (see previous post for before shots).

In the end just about every piece of original wood excluding the floor had to be replaced due to termites. We did it one wall at a time and the end result is a totally new house except the roof, which is next year’s project. We also built a fortified concrete bodega (storage room) in the back corner of the house off the bathroom so I have a secure place to keep appliances and other things when not here.

I live in the town of Ojochal, which is a rustic country village south of Dominical and Uvita in the province of Osa, Costa Rica. While not on the map it is directly across the pacific coast highway from Playa Tortuga, close to one stunning beach after another and, thanks to a diverse international ex-pat community, home to the best restaurants in CR. Casa Perry is available come April should you or loved-ones be looking for a tropical home-away-from-home. Send me a note if you are interested!

On the work front, writing has been in fits and starts however I have almost completed a first draft of my book and will be getting down to business these next few weeks. I still intend to e-publish this spring and will be looking for your feedback and comments as I post excerpts to the blog over the next while. Please look for them and comment!

Music-wise things have also been busy. Local blues man Ken Nickell has taken me under his wing with weekly jams at Roadhouse 169 in Ballena and I have played several gigs, most recently with Martin Joly at Adelante Hotel and El Fuego here in Ojochal. I’m back at El Fuego tomorrow night with Phillippe Chapuy on percussion. Fun night ahead!

In the meantime Prince Perry has been getting some great press at home on CKUT Montreal with this live interview and in Germany thanks to our EU distributor Rocking Steady. We even hit the top five ska albums on! We are excited about all the attention and are planning a tour there for late fall. Before that however it’ll be summer at home, time for a little local touring, festivals and recording some new songs.

That’s also when we will be releasing the animated pilot for the up-to-now top-secret Prince Perry Show so stay tuned for that!

I’ll be back in Toronto mid-March to do some visioning and strategy workshops with Ipsos ASI and get the book into circulation. If you are interested in booking a workshop or speaking engagement for your company please use this form.

That’s the update for now. If you have something to share I’d love to hear from you on any of the above. Feel free to post below or send me a note.

Hasta proxima!