The Unhappy Entrepreneur

This shocked me the first time I heard it.

I was giving a workshop in Montreal. We had a group of about twenty people and I was explaining that the place where your passion for what you do meets the passion of other people is the best place to find opportunities for success. As this is the main topic of my book, and therefore the premise for the workshop, I was surprised when, at the first break, a woman came up to me and said, “But what if I don’t know what I am passionate about?”

Up until that point I had expected the people reading my book and taking my workshops already knew what they wanted to do, but just needed help figuring out how to do it. Well, I was wrong. Really wrong.

About a year ago I started listening more carefully for this. Over and over I heard people saying, “I know I am not happy but I don’t know what to do”. This is what led me to the decision to offer help to those people still figuring out who they want to be.

I still specialize in working with entrepreneurs but now I offer a deeper dive. For people seeking more than just the next opportunity, I help them look past their business and into what truly makes them happy so we can develop the business around their personal and professional needs. I call it business therapy, which isn’t so far from the truth.

So, I’m curious. Do you know what you are passionate about and is your work delivering on that? Send me a note here!