Update from Long Pond

The plan is set! I’m getting the boat ready for haul out the second week of November and will be flying down to Costa Rica shortly after that. It’s a month earlier than last year, time that I will need based on how long it took to rebuild my cottage last December.

This year I am building a tree house. Actually it’s more of a platform but it will incorporate some of the trees on my lot, which I would like to build up into in the future. For now however my objective is to get a living area set up for myself as soon as possible so I can rent out the cottage during high season.

Here’s my first sketch. The loft on the left side of the platform is meant to have a kitchen below and office above. Sleeping quarters will be in the enclosed cabin off to the right. Or, I might make that the bathroom… It’s an idea in progress that will likely keep changing until I get down there. Of course the trees will have to have their say as well…