Voice Do-Over

With consulting work and music taking up most of my time there is little left over to focus on filmmaking and other media production, which for the most part I really enjoy. Every once in a while however the stars align and I am asked to produce something for a client.

Last fall I made a series of radio spots for the Central Counties. We went through the usual scripting exercise and to help contextualize things and I recorded an example with myself as the announcer. I followed this up with several demo clips of voice-over professionals and the board made their choice. Once completed I presented the finished spots to the board and was shocked to hear that they liked the demo’s I did better than the final production. Instead of giving approval they directed me to re-record the spots with myself as the announcer!

Doing as they pleased turned out to be pretty fun and the spots aired for a number of weeks. One of those days I was walking through Chinatown when I suddenly heard my voice being blasted into the street from a low-rent clothing store. Ever since then whenever I see a rack of cheap t-shirts I hear myself saying “In the Central Counties….”. This spring I produced another series for them and once again got weirded out hearing myself on the radio.

More recently the band has given me the opportunity to get back to video, this time with myself as the client. Check out the rocking music video Love At The End Of The Century as well as my ‘Reel’ playlist where you can find a variety of past work.