How To Be Happy

Happiness is a choice.

More than that, it’s a choice we must make for ourselves every day. It’s that simple and that hard.

The demands of our work, family and lifestyle challenge us to prioritize things that don’t make us happy. When we push back we are confronted with the beliefs and values of our tribe, family and society, each with it’s own agenda. I call these three the Old Conditioning Factors.

The unhappiness trap happens when we accept the norms and judgements of these old conditioning factors without taking the time to examine if they represent our own personal beliefs and desires. Guilt, shame and insecurity make it easy for us to choose someone else’s agenda over our own.

Calling out and challenging old conditioning factors you have adopted will free you to find your own beliefs and values and choose the path that makes you happy. After all, only by choosing to help yourself can you truly help others.