A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

I love coconuts. With a few strokes of the machete I can have a belly full of delicious, potassium-rich pipa (coconut water). Several more whacks reveal a chewy, health-filled snack and, with a little more effort, the perfect vessel for eating and drinking at the beach.

Easily found just about anywhere around here, coconuts are also great as general use items. In the last week alone I have slept with one under my head, kept the car stable with two as tire blocks while changing a flat, deterred mosquito’s by burning old husks on the bbq and played a rousing game of one-frame bowling down my steep driveway.

Whether fruit, drupe, nut or seed, the coconut is a wonderful thing. I am always happy to see them and they never let me down. Vive el coco!