The Massasauga

There’s a feeling you get from sitting on a slab of granite. Solid, grounding and incredibly sure of itself, the rock has this way of letting you know you’re in the right place. It reminds me of the time when my Dad used to say: “You are part of the land of which you are born.”

The Canadian shield rises up from the ground about an hour north of Toronto. Subtle at first, the farm fence of pink and grey rock that lines highway 400 north of Barrie grows into fortress walls by the time you hit Muskoka. From here north the granite is everywhere. And it feels good.

Its been years since he’s been here. Work and family provided plenty of distractions. Then prostate cancer knocked Dad hard and the disease took away any chance of hiking, camping or paddling amongst the granite shored lakes he loves dearly. Until now.

Today was a very special day. We paddled, portaged, swam and sunbathed on the rocky shores of 3-legged and Spider lakes in The Massasauga Provincial Park. As he says at the end of the *clip, “It was exquisite”.

*Note I didn’t capture any of the actual activities since I was too busy enjoying myself…