Do you love what you do?

The last time I looked in the mirror there was no sign over my head that said ‘Tell me about it’. Nevertheless people open up to me. Most often they are not happy with what they are doing for a living. That’s a sad state of affairs.

Because of my life experience I feel I can help. So I engage in the conversation and try to offer some advice that will move them forward. I’ll tell you what always works in a minute. First, let me share something really important that I learned from watching a good friend.

Tony Enns is an amazing designer and an inspiration when it comes to loving what you do for living. I learned a lot from him just by watching how he works. We used to be partners in a boutique ad agency so I had lots of opportunity to do just that.NailMe

Tony’s secret is simple. He celebrates his work. All the time. We’d be working on a new brand or package and Tony would call me over, excited to share the latest little swoop of a line or curl in a letter that most people would probably never even notice! At first this surprised me. Actually, to be honest I found it odd, even childish. But Tony’s enthusiasm was contagious.

It became impossible not to share his excitement. Tony’s passion for what he did shone through his work. As a result I had no shortage of talking points when presenting and inevitably our clients would get excited as well.

Celebrating your work is liberating. Really it’s just a form of gratitude, and expressing gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do to elevate yourself and your work to the next level.
On that note, I promised to tell you what advice always works for people not happy with what they are doing. It’s this: Find and follow your passion.

Simple to say but hard to do when you are wrapped up in all the fear and doubt most of us carry around. That’s the reason I created the FAST & HOT program. To give people an easy to understand way to find their passion and, with it, their best opportunities for success.

I would like to invite you to one of my presentations of FAST & HOT. I do them all over the country and, every once in a while, for free as a call-in seminar. The next one is Sunday March 3rd at 10:00 am EST and you can sign up here. Of course you can get my book from Amazon if you’d rather not wait haha.

Please join me on March 3rd and feel free to forward this invitation to anyone else you think would appreciate clear advice on how to create a better life in business!

Thanks and talk soon,